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09.-House-Sitting-and-Companionship (2)Caring Scenarios

When the first step, the decision to seek support from a care provider is taken, there will be many questions from how much support is needed, to how it will link to the life that I wish to lead.

We have developed some scenarios that you might be able to relate to and some questions to which type and level of support that may be taken.

  • You have decided that you would like to get out once or twice a week to join individuals in a similar social predicament. You can arrange to be picked up after 9.00 and arrive at our residential home, where if you would like to have a late Breakfast or Brunch to Start, or just a nice cuppa. You might want to join in the morning’s activity, at noon you can enjoy a hearty Dinner. After Dinner you could request to have assistance with a shower. Late afternoon you want to rest and read a local paper before you have a light afternoon tea. Your transport arrives around 4-5 pm and you are escorted back home.
  • You have the need for assistance in the mornings and at night to ensure that you are safety transferred to bed and help to get changed. You can opt to have a home call assistance where one of our care team would base on the time you prefer, help you to get up and washed, and ready for the day ahead, the carer could pop back at lunch and either bring a hot meal freshly prepared from the residential home or help prepare your own at Lunch time, and once again a carer pops in to assist with getting you changed and back into bed in the evening.
  • You may have had an unfortunate fall, and after discharge from the hospital, it is quite clear that although you may have been completely self-sufficient prior to any accident, that now your mobility is quite restrictive, and without the support of a family member it is very difficult to climb the stairs at home to bed. You are finding it impossible to stand for any period of time, so cooking a meal proves to be difficult. You might opt to take up respite in one of our homes whilst your body recuperates from what might be a couple of weeks of complete rest. We then take care of all your needs, you can sit back and let your body heal quicker.
  • You might now be living with your family who are your main carers, however it is that time of year, and they have booked to go seek some sunny sandy beach abroad for a two week period, normally they take care of all your care needs, as you are unable to move without assistance. You have many options, from timed home care, live in care, respite care in the residential home, or even a mix, with day-care during the day at our residential home, and a bit of support getting in and out of bed from our Home care team. You might be a couple in the same scenario, and would prefer to stay at home, and have full one to one support from our live in care team for the two weeks; this might mean that none of your normal routine is affected.
  • You normally have a friend or family member that carries out your domestic chores, and assists with your cooking; however they are taken ill and cannot provide the normal support you have been receiving. Our domestic care team pop over once or twice a week and help keep the house tidy, clean the bathrooms, and tidy up the driveway from the falling leafs in autumn. The hot meal provision drops off a hot dinner at lunch and a cold buffet meal for the evening. Whilst you are having your dinner you get inspiration to change the colour of your dining room to combat the cold winter that is looming. Our maintenance handy man books in the following week to paint your dining room.
  • You are very self-sufficient, but love the social interaction that you get when you pop in once a week for day-care, as you like to get your hair done, and you get the opportunity to join one of your friends from the home on an assisted trip to the supermarket to get you weekly shopping. It’s a wonderful experience, as you have your own care team member to assist you round the supermarket and you have no fear in case you need to take a quick visit to the restroom. You are dropped off at home, and your carer helps pop all your shopping away.
  • Your elderly father has for some time now been dealing with dementia, at first it was just the little things that showed, like forgetfulness and little co-ordination problems, but as time has gone on the little things have developed into a life changing scenario for both your father and your family, as he can no longer be left on his own, and he has to be assisted with all basic life skills 24 hours a day. Your family home cannot cope with the type of support that he now needs, as specialist equipment needs to be used for moving and handling, and the constraints of your own life prevent you in providing the type of care that is required. Our care homes are designed specifically to cater for dementia, as all our staff have the right professional support to provide both your father and your family. You might opt to have live in care so that your father receives the expert care needed 24 hours a day, and our Care team can provide you and your family the support network and training to help deal with this in your own home. It might be the case that it becomes unfeasible for your father to remain in your own home due to the constraints of your property, you may then decide that our Residential Care homes are the best option, where he will be able to get the 24 hour assistance for care and support he needs.

As you can gather, what Wellbeing Care Group offer is a complete continuity to all your care needs, and social support. There are very little scenarios that we cannot adapt into a plan of care.