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Wellbeing’s Home Care Service is often one of the biggest decisions that a family might make, it is usually the first step in assisted living. Home care provides clients a piece of mind and assurance in maintaining independence with professional support. The support can come in many different packages dependant on the level of assistance needed, it can be from as little as 1 hour of Domestic assistance each week, to full One to One live in care 24 Hours a day.

The key to Home Care is providing just the right amount of support to assist an individual to continue living full and happy lives with minimum disruption. Once a decision has been made to seek support from Wellbeing Care Group, we initiate an assessment to gain a full understanding of the type of support needed. The initial assessment is carried out by our experienced managers who will ensure that a compassionate visit to engage the type of support which is best suited to the individual is placed within a care plan. The assessment always ensures that regardless of how little or much care may be required, the support plan will provide the individual the right amount of support to live a dignified life. The most important contributing factor in the support plan is creating the perfect balance of support and companionship coupled with the right carer to be able to build the type of bond that allows the individual to feel comfortable.

The level of support needed is defined within the plan of care, however we know that this support can and will vary over time, therefore the care plan is a live document, which changes as the individuals needs change. The process of changing the care needs is part and parcel of the support that is delivered, there will never be a time when the level of support required differs from the level of support being delivered. The responsibility of these support mechanisms will be monitored by the person delivering the support and their manager. We therefore ensure that transparent communication is fundamental to delivering the care, and this will be managed by continual interaction between both the manager and the individual receiving the care.

Please visit www.wellbeinghomecare.co.uk for more details