Our Mission Statement

14.-Introduction (1)Our Vision

Our Vision for providing quality care became reality in 2006 when Wellbeing Care Group Started providing residential care in its first location Southernwood House in Lincolnshire. With the success of this first acquisition two further residential care homes were acquired in the following year, with the second home Chevington House also in Lincolnshire, and the third The Broughtons in Manchester. In 2022 we secured a 4th site in Bourne Lincolnshire called Harrington House with the official opening on 31st January 2023 by the Mayoress of Bourne.

Over the last few years the company had seen major changes in Social Care that would have a significant impact on how care was to be delivered. Many of the changes experienced stemmed from how the industry was regulated, to the impacts of infection control measures namely the changes COVID-19 bought to healthcare. These changes have meant that the types of care that had predominantly been addressed by residential type settings have since been in decline and a preference to providing care within peoples own homes has been recognised and encouraged.

We believe that every individual and their family have differing circumstances, and therefore a more complete service needed to be offered. There are very few private companies or organisations that offer continuity of care and support. Often care provisions offered by companies tend to specialise in one or two areas of care, for example Residential and Nursing Care, Domiciliary Home Care or Day Care Centres. Support and Training is often provided by organisations and charities. Hot meals by food companies, domestic and handyman services by property maintenance companies, so on and so forth.

Continuity of Care

Our understanding and experience over that last few years has highlighted that within reason we have had to manage most if not all the supporting needs mentioned above. After a new vision and insight to the changing needs of our clients we could offer a complete care package that would prevent the disparities in the provision of Social and Care support.

Wellbeing Care Group now specialise in the continuity of care, we are therefore able to offer most of the care and support services needed by our clients. As we are able to offer short stays and respite services in our homes, this can then be supported by the same care being delivered in the clients own homes. If the situation arises that support in the clients own home is no longer feasible, whether that be due to inappropriate space or accommodation and equipment, or the financial constraints of the level of support needed, then transition to our residential homes might be a solution. The continuity is guaranteed as we always utilise the same care staff within our residential homes, as we do in our homecare and live in care. This service would also be relevant for those clients that chose to have Day-Care or hot meal services.

We also recognise the tremendous difficulties that both the clients and their families face, therefore we also ensure that we are able to support, mentor and train those that have this responsibility. Imagine that someone has decided to come into one of our homes for Day-Care, this would be providing the client with a great social environment and reliving the family carer with some daily respite, but over time and with so many age related conditions, the family member finds it increasingly difficult to manage the care. Often the reasons for difficulty in managing care is a lack of knowledge and support, we would be able to provide relevant support, advice and training for these family members to better cope with their situation.

The Benefits

The benefits of choosing Wellbeing Care Group for your Social and Care needs will become very transparent when you have built a relationship with our dedicated staff. There will be very little that we cannot do for our clients, from the 1st day that we take on the care package to the very last days of someone’s beautiful life.

  • We are a fresh approach to the health and social care market, with lots of energy and drive to become a standard. The Directors and managers of Wellbeing Care Group are very passionate about delivering great care and being recognised as the company that lives up to its slogan, “ Caring for your future wellbeing”.
  • Wellbeing Residential is an established Care Home Company, providing award winning care and services to over 130 residents over 4 locations in the UK.
  • Wellbeing Residential has ambitious but well founded aspirations for its future and intends to continue to build on its rapid controlled expansion and successes to date. As well as continuing to extend and improve our current homes, we intend to purchase new homes fitting our criteria. In particular, we shall look for homes that have the potential to be developed to also provide independent living accommodation.
  • We are excited and optimistic about the future and look forward to positively contributing to the development and improvement of the provision of elderly care in the UK.