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The use of a CIFI Torch to improve the safety of our care homes.

Published by: wellbeingresidential at 15th July 2020


Improving safety in our care homes.

We were asked if we would like to trial a CIFI forensic Torch made by Coppertree Forensics in our Salford Care home to drastically improve the safety of our residents during Covid.

We agreed to trial the torch, as seen through the link below;


Please read the Director of Wellbeing’s testimony below:

Care Homes were thrusted into the news headlines this year with almost half of all COVID-19 related deaths stemming from Deaths of its residents. The sad reality of the Virus meaning that the most vulnerable of our society were also the most susceptible to the horrific effects of this virus.

Care Homes were not new to infection control measures, and regularly implement these measures to prevent the spread of the more common viruses. However COVID-19 introduced a new level in which the spread and control of a virus had to be managed, and this was something the UK was poorly prepared to initially tackle.

Some of the hurdles that would not normally create constraints arose from the impact the Virus was having on not just the people we care for, but also those providing the care. The Virus was targeting everyone, and having detrimental effects on both the vulnerable elderly, as well as the care providers, mix this with a higher proportion of BAME workers who also appeared to be more susceptible to the devastating effects of the Virus. These scenarios left the Care Sector ravaged by the Virus.

Unlike the NHS, the care sector is either funded through local authorities or the private sector. Decades of neglect from the Government has left the sector struggling to afford to manage the needs of this ever increasing population.

However small operators like us “ Wellbeing Care Group” look to new innovative systems and tools to help us achieve the standards we all expect for our loved ones.

There will be a clear need to improve and manage our infection control measures. This will involve looking at better understanding the current procedures and protocols utilised for managing infection control. This will involve assessing the effectiveness of our current measures, equipment and products.

We have been given the opportunity to trial the CIFI torch provided by Coppertree Forensics, this is a tool which will support and identify the effectiveness of our current cleaning regimens by highlighting using specific wavelengths of light, residual organic matter which is not visible to the naked eye.

During the trial, it was shocking to see how widespread contact points can be, and how effective our current cleaning regimens tackled those areas.

The Torch has assisted in raising, firstly our awareness to our current cleaning regimens, but more importantly has allowed us to look and develop new training criteria, and continual assessments. Although we will not look to be utilising the torch daily, it will form part of our training tools, and inspection routines.

Fighting the battle against COVID-19 and any future Viral or Bacterial threats will require comprehensive strategies, we believe that The CIFI torch will be integral to these strategies, and support us to increase the safety and minimise the risks in our infection control measures.

Director for Wellbeing Care Group and its Subsidiary Companies

Bob Dhaliwal

Due to its effectiveness we agreed to purchase the torch to support our infection control measures. We will use the torch as a training tool for staff to highlight key touchpoint areas within the homes.

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