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Queen’s Jubilee 2022 preparations.

Published by: wellbeingresidential at 20th May 2022

queen's platinum jubilee 2022

Queen’s jubilee 2022 planning

With just two weeks to go till the Queen’s Jubilee 2022 weekend, our residents are getting ready for the party of the year. After a difficult few years, residents and staff alike are eager to let their hair down. This is also a terrific opportunity to provide residents with more entertainment. This is something we really value as this significantly improves the quality of life for our residents. We’re delighted when such situations arrive as not only does this give us the opportunity for our residents to celebrate but we also like to include our residents in the planning stages. Whether this means getting their suggestions for music or entertainment, we also like to get our residents to help with smaller things like the decorations.

We have seen that this can really improve the resident’s quality of life and brings about a real sense of community within the homes. We’ve also seen a real improvement in the individual resident’s social life by bringing everyone together in this manner. It is just as important to maintain an interactive social life for those in care as it is for people of all ages, and it has a massively positive impact on all areas of their health, both mental and physical. Thus, care homes should create activities, and communal areas that will allow residents to connect, form strong bonds and friendships with each other, and be able to engage in spontaneous and cooperative activities.

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